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Introduction of committee

Introduction to Standing Committee

Organization installed within the Assembly to professionally and efficiently examine various agendas and is holds meeting if there is resolution during the plenary session of the Assembly, acknowledgement of the need by the Chairman of the Assembly or Chairman of the Committee, or requested by more than 1/3 of the members on the register. During the period of recess of the Assembly, the Mayor of the City can request the holding of the Committee. Currently, there are 4 standing committees including the Assembly Operation, Administration & Welfare, Industrial Economy, and Construction and Urban Committees.

Steering Committee of the Assembly

  • It is composed of 9 members 9 who are allowed to concurrently hold position as member of other Standing Committee.
  • Governs issues related to operation of the Assembly, issues belonging to the jurisdiction of Assembly Secretariat, and issues on various regulations related to meetings and operation of the Assembly.

Administration and Welfare Committee

  • It is composed of 7 members.
  • Governs issues under the jurisdiction of City Affairs PR Department, Office of Inspector General, Citizen’s Welfare Department, Administrations Department, Public Health Centers and Support & Supervisory Department, as well as issues that are not under the jurisdiction of other offices and departments.

Industrial Economy Committee

  • It is composed of 7 members.
  • Governs issues under the jurisdiction of Economy & Culture Department, Environment & Afforestation Department, Agricultural Technology Center and Support & Supervision Department.

Cultural City Committee

  • It is composed of 7 members.
  • Governs issues under the jurisdiction of Safe Construction Department, Water Supply and Waste Management Department, Creative Urban Project Group and Support & Supervision Department.

Special Committee

It is installed and operated through the resolution of the Assembly when necessary to make deliberations on special agendas. This Committee will be composed of less than 9 members. The Assembly shall have Ethics Special Committee composed of less than 7 members to make deliberations on the ethical behaviors of, disciplinary actions on and qualifications of the members of Assembly. The Special Committee will exist until the agenda deliberated by the Special Committee is resolved at the plenary session of the Assembly and the duration of the tenure of the members will be the same as the period of existence of the Special Committee.